10 trendy plants for a gorgeous interior!

Beauprisme presents you 2019’s trendy plants collection for a perfect interior.

  1. Monstrea

Monstrea plant is considered as one of the greatest interior plants. It occupies the top of the best selling plants list thanks to its good looking, robustness, ease of cultivation and its unique leafs.

2- Bird of paradise

The bird of paradise is a magnificent africain plant ,with a very beautiful leafs taking the shape of red and yellow big slim bunch. Besides, This plant offers an orignal flowering and a wonderful beauty.

3- Fern

Ferns are the perfect choice to create a relaxing, natural and lovely atmosphere wether it is in the inside or the outside of your home. This elegant plant is easy to cultivate yet it has a persistent and enduring leafs with more than 2000 model.

4- Shadow plant

Shadow plant is a Brazilian, gorgeous and easy to maintain plant, providing a tropical interior design with its beautiful, colorful and original leafs.

5- Cactus

Cactus is a desert plant with an incredible water resistance, strange forms, spines and flowers. There are different and various types that might be planted together providing a great effect together.

6- Rubber plant

Rubber plant is a popular Indian plant, it’s very well known by its air purifier decontamination and its robustness. Likewise, it has a dark green, glowing and elliptical leafs in the shape of coral sprouts.

7- Braided money tree plant

Braided money tree plant is originated from central and south America known by its rapid expansion. Generally, it has two or three interlaced stems looking like a hand’s 5 fingers. And guess what? In china it stands for the financial success.

8- Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is considered as an interior and exterior plant at the same time, originated from the mediterranean and well known by its beauty, strength and ease of maintaining. I guess that you ou probably heard of its healing power when it comes to curing the burnings by its leafs juice.

9- Yucca

Yucca is an American, beautiful, decontaminating plant with elegant leafs evoking exoticism. this plant adjust very fast, resisting, easy to cultivate and considered as one the best sellers plants in the world.

10- Croton plant

Croton plant is from pacific islands and Malaysia. it has bright colors that brings joy to your home thanks to its original and unique leafs.