10 Carpet ideas to better decorate your interior with!

Decorating your home with carpets is very easy, handy, soft and fast, it adds a unique charmful touch that reflect our spirits. Thus, we are happy to present 10 different ideas to put in place within your house.

1- Bahar style

Bahar carpets are dedicated for interior decoration only. It’s a very soft and trendy style during the year 2019 because it not only has a feminine touch but also can resist foot trafic. But be careful! it shouldn’t neither be exposed to the sun nor washed by chemical products.

2- Berber style

Berber style in softy wool and cotton hand made for an authentic or contemporary interior. Its origins are from Morocco where they conveyed the know-how of this style from generation to other generations.

3- Persan style

Persan style is steeling the lights all over again in the world of decoration. It’s an original Iranian style with multiple simple and beautiful hand made models. Do you know that persans consider carpets as a crucial stuff in their society?

4- Afghan Type

This carpet is wool based, it’s an original Afghanistan piece of art made by Turkmens hands who lives in the north of Afghanistan. Does it seems like covered in red? well, its mainly in dark red with different kind of shades.

5- Pakistani style

Pakistani style is made of excellent fine Australian wool, known by its node’s thickness, premium quality, know -how and lovely creations.

6- Balochi Style

Balouchi style is a mix of Aghanistan and Iranian origins. If you love geometric patterns or muted colors such as red, dark red, dark blue or brown then i can tell you this carpet is definitely your type!

7- Turkmen style

Turkmen carpet is from central Asia, popular by its fabric, its unique drawing, marking its presence in various religions and especially by standing for Turkmen people.

8- Indian style

This Indian carpet is a very beautiful, premium and excellent hand made carpet. Usually, its made with Persans and Chinese patterns, wool and silk woven. But hey! besides this model there are other multiple gorgeous showpieces!

9- Tibetan style

Tibetan is an original, traditional and trendy carpet. It’s made of cheep wool with multiple models. if your interior is modern and traditional at the same time then I guess this carpet is the answer!

10- Chinese style

This kind of carpet is inspired of a simple and wealthy decoration designs, it’s inspired by religions, traditions, Persian symbols and by past’s culture. These models has an artistic, special and different touch from all the carpets in the world!