7 Trendy designs to implement in 2019

Here is our 7 trendy design collections:

1- Velvet

If you’re a comfort seeker wether its a sofa, pillow, footstool or bed headboard the velvet is the answer!

2- Wallpapers

unified, colourful or with patterns, wallpapers gives you a customized and warm atmoshphere

3- Metal Sheet

It’s a perfect vintage or industrial style, the metal sheet is the right combination for your kitchen.

4- Dried Flowers

Like old days, dried flowers are used today for decorating our interiors under different shapes and forms that we will dig more into in the next article!

5- Golden honey

It’s Dulux valentine’s color of the year, the golden honey brings warm, luminosity and conviviality into our homes.

6- Geometric forms

Geometric forms give an original touch to your bedroom and living room .

7- Hanging plants

Hanging your plants gives you the opportunity to save some spaces in an a smooth and original way.